Our International Retreat Leaders

Upcoming Retreats

Sep. 13-20, 2017 : Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sep. 24-Oct. 1, 2017 : Buenos Aires, Argentina
Oct. 8-15, 2017 : Pereira, Colombia
Nov. 19-25, 2017 : Dehradun, India (to be confirmed)
Mar. 25-Apr. 1, 2018 : Medellin, Colombia
Oct. 7-14, 2018 : Pereira, Colombia

Rob and Shini Abraham

In 2015 SonScape Retreats launched the international arm of our ministry. Under the leadership of Rob and Shini Abraham, retreats were held in Colombia and Argentina in the fall. Latin America is now the largest missionary sending continent and doors have since opened for annual return trips to Colombia and Argentina for regular retreats and training.

While including American missionaries serving abroad, Rob and Shini focus much of their efforts on the several often forgotten missionaries that God is raising from Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. Many of these “forgotten missionaries” have little if any support systems, resources, and soul-care training opportunities in their nations.

We are very excited to send the loving care and encouragement of SonScape Retreats to people who so desperately need to know someone cares!

Along with regular retreats each year in Colombia and Argentina being planned, we are also praying about and looking into invitations to Cuba, Brazil, Thailand, and India. Stay tuned for additional international retreat locations and dates.


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What Our Retreat Participants are Saying a Year Later…


“It was a time of deep transformation for us. We could barely stand when we came to the retreat last year because we were so beat up. We thank God for showing us the way forward and for encouraging us to stay in ministry.”

“Our marriage had faced difficult challenges and we were broken. The retreat was a time for us to recommit to one another and to get past some barriers that were preventing us in moving forward. We now serve from a place of better health and want to multiply health in all that we do.”

“In working with severely wounded people, I had ignored my own wounds over the years and was actually multiplying a lack of trust, bitterness, and control in the work I did! Wow – God showed me this so clearly and helped me change the direction of my life. It was not easy but I was able to face my pain and confront my issues. I am grateful for the week!”

“We came to the retreat with plans to give up on ministry but left strengthened and encouraged to continue in our calling.”

“I understood my struggle with depression and was able to make decisions that have helped bring real change in my life. It was helpful to see that I am not alone, that many in missions struggle with depression and anxiety, that God is always able to provide fully for us in the midst of our challenges.”


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